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At Southeast Psychiatric Services we have six (6) Psychiatrists on our staff, including General. Geriatric and a Board certified Child & Adolescent psychiatrist. At SPS, our goal is to treat our patients with care and respect, and to give you the most treatment options available. The staff at SPS works very closely with each patient and provides excellent care and treatment both in inpatient and outpatient settings.At SPS our physicians specialize in treatment for patients of all ages and our outpatient facilities are equipped with the latest and advanced diagnostic tools to assist our physicians and clinicians with providing the best assessment and care possible.Staff at SPS is trained to treat to each patient as a member of their own family and make sure that immediate assistance is provided to our patients in need at any time of the day.
Virtual Reality
Are your fears holding you back? Imagine being able to face your fears in a virtually safe environment. Using systematic desensitization the patient will be gradually introduced to their anxiety provoking situations while being taught the appropriate methods to overcome their phobias. Virtual Reality allows you to be “present” while eliminating any unnecessary embarrassment, and saves time and money. We are offering simulated flights, virtual storms, public speaking (also used to treat social phobia), heights, and virtual Vietnam. Come take a journey with us.
Light & Sound Therapy
Light Therapy is used to treat Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder, among other conditions such as chronic fatigue and stress reduction. Sessions are approximately one (I) hour long and work, to restore your bodies’ natural circadian rhythms, your bodies’ internal clock, thereby improving your mood. Sessions are custom tailored to meet your needs. Just remember these sessions won t do something for you. they will do something with you.


Esiri Esin, M.D.
Farrukh Khan, M.D.
Fernando Lopez, M.D.
Shakir Meghani, M.D.
Sarah Olaso, M.D.
Clifford Quintana, M.D.
Suhail Shafi, M.D.
Pablo Valle-Blacio, M.D.